Garbage Clinical Insurance: Young Indonesian Doctor Receives Award From Prince of Wales

BY ON 12 Feb 2014

Gamal Albinsaid, a young Indonesian doctor, has recently been awarded the inaugural “Prince of Wales Young Sustainability Entrepreneur Prize” from the Prince of Wales. He was given the award during a dinner reception at the Buckingham Palace at the end of January. His innovative project helps the poorest communities gain access to health services and education through the collection and recycling of garbage called the Garbage Clinical Insurance enterprise.

He received the award with a prize of €50.000 (US$68,400)  in financial support in a competition which attracted more than 500 entries from 90 countries.

“With this gift, I am hoping to be able to spread more kindness as well as helping more people, because I believe with great gift comes a great responsibility,” Mr Gamal Albinsaid told The Establishment Post.

Gamal Albinsaid received his award from HRH Prince of Wales during a dinner reception at the Buckingham palace .

Photo: Courtesy of Indonesia Medika/Gamal Albinsaid

Mr Gamal Albinsaid received his award from HRH Prince of Wales during a dinner reception at the Buckingham palace  at the end of January 2014

Mr Albinsaid, currently the chief executive officer (CEO) of Indonesia Medika, is the Founder of the Indonesian social enterprise Garbage Clinical Insurance (GCI). He was inspired to set up the micro-insurance programme to empower people to take an active role in managing their waste while improving their sanitation.

The 24-year-old doctor set up the initiative in 2009 when he was still a medical student at the Brawijaya University in Malang, East Java province. Mr Albinsaid was saddened upon hearing the death of a three year old child from diarrhea because the parents could not afford to take the child to any clinic for help.

The GCI has help communities in need turn in their household waste into something that could improve their health.

The scheme provides insurance to members of the clinic in return for their garbage.  Every weekend, members bring their organic and non-organic waste to a collection point near the clinic to be directly processed and sold.

Afterward, collected garbage is processed into money considered as “health fund premium” for all members.

“With this great gift from God, I plan to replicate the Garbage Clinical Insurance scheme widely in Indonesia as well as international sphere by conducting more research to modify the programme, so this can be used as a role model for garbage insurance,” he said.

Today, this innovation has already helped more than 500 families in gaining access to medical support. Garbage Clinical Insurance  has recruited 88 volunteers, 15 doctors and 12 nurses, all of whom are paid with money generated from the community’s waste.

The Prince of Wales Young Sustainability Entrepreneur Prize developed in partnership with Unilever and the Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership, which has The Prince of Wales as Patron, was designed to inspire young people around the world to tackle environmental, social and health issues. The competition invited entrepreneurs aged 30 years or below, to submit inspiring, practical, and tangible solutions to help make sustainable living commonplace.

Mr Gamal Albinsaid, founder of Garbage Clinical Insurance, has conducted a wealth of scientific and social work, and has been honoured with several awards including the Inspiring Scientific Award from Research and Technological Minister of Indonesia, an AusAID Indonesian Social Innovator Award.

In addition, he is also an Ashoka Young Changemaker – part of a group of young people working with the sustainability organisation to master the skills of empathy, leadership, teamwork and creativity.

“Stay in the path of kindness, as it is the path of God. Those who are walking in the path of kindness is walking alongside of God,” Mr Albinsaid said.



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