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Vanitha Nadaraj
Vanitha has over 27 years of working experience primarily in media and communications. She worked 16 years at a leading English daily in Malaysia as a sub-editor and reporter. She was also the correspondent for the Jakarta-based radio station KBR68H. She was a lecturer in two colleges in Malaysia and communications manager for an MNC with 12,000 employees. She completed her MA in journalism at Ateneo de Manila University as a fellow of the German-based Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

Home Managers in Malaysia: More Than a Maid, More of a Solution

Malaysia Seniors

In 2008 the Malaysian government introduced a programme aimed at killing two birds with one stone – reduce dependency on foreign maids (domestic workers) and give local women a second source of income. It was one of those plans that would work and work well. The programme to churn out home managers is one where local women, generally in the ... Read More »

Malaysia should officially ban ISIS

Malaysia Multi Racial

Malaysia has not taken an official stand on the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) despite at least 30 Malaysians have been identified as ISIS members and the organisation claiming that  Southeast Asia is very much part of its caliphate. Sure, the police are doing their best to weed out ISIS members and supporters and are working alongside international ... Read More »

The End is Near for Pakatan Rakyat

Abdul Khalid Ibrahim announcing his ljok candidacy

The opposition front  is on the brink of collapse and it is all because of one man. The Chief Minister of Selangor who refused to step down. Within days, the formidable Pakatan Rakyat (People’s Coalition) that almost toppled the government in the May 2013 general elections, is face-to-face with death. The crisis, triggered by the sacking of Selangor Chief Minister ... Read More »

Doxing: New Way of Burning People at the Stake

The Personal Data Protection Act 2010 aims to safeguard vital commercial transactions and personal information from private domains.

We have a new way of burning people at the stake. When a person is caught committing a crime or a heinous action and that action is circulated in social media, a lynch mob emerges from among netizens baying for blood. Then at lightning speed, vigilantes will scour Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms looking for person’s personal information. Fueled ... Read More »

Tourism In Malaysia Down But Not Out

Fishing Village

It has been about almost a fortnight since the dreadful attack on Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. All attention and efforts are now focused on crash investigations. Once the dust has settled, Malaysia needs to give a long hard look at tourism in Malaysia. Gone are the high hopes the government had when they announced that 2014 was to be Visit ... Read More »

Brain Drain in Malaysia Keeps Getting Worse

Malaysia Brain Drain

The longer filmmaker Indrani Kopal stays in New York, the stronger is her desire to remain overseas and not return to Malaysia. Home may be where her heart is, but it is a different story when opportunities start popping. She was already winning awards for her documentaries in Malaysia but the chance to go beyond all that is too good ... Read More »

Economy Strong Enough To Absorb Malaysia Interest Rate Rise

Malaysia Ramadan bazaar

In the middle of Ramadan, a period of austerity, while Muslims fast and prepare for the Hari Raya Puasa celebrations, the central bank raised the overnight policy rate (OPR) by 25 basis points or 0.25 per cent to 3.25 per cent. The last Malaysia interest rate rise was in May 2011. The raise came as no surprise as there was ... Read More »

It’s A Struggle To Get Women on Corporate Boards in Malaysia

Malaysia Pauline Crawford

A high-level accountant was taking her twin toddlers to the nursery one morning before heading for work. One of the twins refused to leave the car and started crying. That was when she decided that enough was enough. Her career was getting in the way of her caring for her family. A few hours later she resigned. The pull of ... Read More »

Asean Not Strong Enough to Fight Haze In Southeast Asia?

Forest fire in Riau Indonesia

Every year for the last 23 years, a part of Southeast Asia has been under a thick haze. Yet, in all these years Asean has not been able to get rid of this man-made health and environmental problem. It is not because Asean does not want to. The number of action plans, meetings and pledges show that the haze in ... Read More »

Someone Forgot About The Blueprint For Skills Development in Malaysia

Students of Institut Megatech in Kuala Lumpur with their lecturer (far right). The government is said to give more attention to tertiary education and in the process vocational training has been sidelined. - Sun setting on skills training in Malaysia.

Malaysia wants to become a developed country by 2020 and about four years ago Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Abdul Razak unveiled the Government Transformation Programme (GTP) and the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) to achieve this goal. The target is to, by 2020, have gross national income (GNI) per capita of US$15,000. This will be achieved by attracting US$444 billion ... Read More »

Is El Nino Here Already? And Will the Haze in Southeast Asia Return?

Malaysia Open Burning

These are copper and brown leaves on trees are the result of either open burning or peat fire along the highway to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) earlier in April this year. A premonition of the haze in Southeast Asia again? Malaysia is likely to experience more of this and other situations when El Nino unleashes itself in Southeast Asia ... Read More »

Johor Sultan and the Controversial Johor Housing Bill

Tebrau Highway, leading on to Johor Bahru city centre.

A piece of legislation in Johor to look into the housing needs of locals and the industry development turned into a controversy where the authority given to Johor Sultan came under scrutiny and that law was said to be against the Constitution, therefore making it illegal. Despite the furore, the Johor Housing and Real Property Board Bill 2014 was passed ... Read More »

Crony Comments Put YTL in Bad Light

Malaysia YTL

There was Tan Sri Francis Yeoh at a public forum on Tuesday (June 3) talking about how the small construction business his grandfather started has turned into a hugely successful corporation dealing in energy, infrastructure, property, cement and hotels. The YTL Corp Berhad group managing director goes on to say that he was never a crony of former prime minister ... Read More »

Malaysia’s National Car Driving Into a Dead End? Not Many Options Left for Proton

Malaysia Proton

National car Proton began with the best of intentions. But in the last 30 years have clearly shown that intentions alone do not make successful business. Sure the country was in euphoria then when then Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad announced that he wanted Malaysia to have its own car. Sceptics then felt it was foolish and premature for ... Read More »