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Crony Comments Put YTL in Bad Light

Malaysia YTL

There was Tan Sri Francis Yeoh at a public forum on Tuesday (June 3) talking about how the small construction business his grandfather started has turned into a hugely successful corporation dealing in energy, infrastructure, property, cement and hotels. The YTL Corp Berhad group managing director goes on to say that he was never a crony of former prime minister ... Read More »

Malaysia’s National Car Driving Into a Dead End? Not Many Options Left for Proton

Malaysia Proton

National car Proton began with the best of intentions. But in the last 30 years have clearly shown that intentions alone do not make successful business. Sure the country was in euphoria then when then Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad announced that he wanted Malaysia to have its own car. Sceptics then felt it was foolish and premature for ... Read More »

Is Malaysia’s Pengerang Part of Greater Singapore?

Petronas petrol station in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Pengerang used to be a fishing village famous for its succulent lobsters. Each weekend a good number of Singaporeans would take a two-hour drive to get to the southernmost tip of Johor on the east to savour Pengerang’s lobsters and other sea delights fresh from the Johor Straits. It had at least eight seafood restaurants, way too many for a ... Read More »

From Old Folks to Senior Living Market: Malaysia’s Getting Ready for a New Industry

Malaysia Kamatchy Sappani

They are a group of people in their late fifties and older. They were either running their own businesses or were professionals and had spent most of their lives living prudently to make sure they have a comfortable retired life. They travel, read a lot and still have a strong hold on their faculties. They enjoy the arts, socialise regularly ... Read More »

Malaysia and China: 40-year Friendship That Is Not As Shaky As Many Think

Malaysia supermarket

In 1974 Malaysia made a move that shocked many. The 11-year old country made friends with Communist China. On that historic day on May 31, then prime minister Tun Abdul Razak arrived in Beijing and with that began a long and fruitful diplomatic relationship. The irony is that Malaysia at that time still considered communism as an enemy of the ... Read More »

Malaysia’s Water Woes Just Got Worse

Malaysia Fountain

There will be a nation-wide water emergency in May if the levels at the dams do not improve. This is the warning the federal government has given, indicating that the six-week long water rationing in Selangor and the Klang Valley has not caused water usage to drop low enough. Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Ongkili ... Read More »

The Day I “Took” a Flight at KLIA2

Acting Transport Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Hishammuddin Hussein made a visit to KLIA2 to see for himself the progress made.

I was invited to participate as a passenger at the Operational Readiness and Transfer of KLIA2a on Saturday. This is a comprehensive trial run to ensure the operational readiness of a new airport and its infrastructure. KLIA2 is built for local and international low-cost and full-service carriers. It is designed to cater 45 million passengers a year, replacing the Low Cost ... Read More »

Nine Malaysia Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Gunung Mulu National Park in Sarawak, home to some of the most interesting cave formations in the world, including Sarawak Chamber, Clearwater Cave, and Deer Cave (featured in photograph).

The Malaysian government is targeting a total of 28 million in tourist arrivals and RM76 billion (US$23.4 billion) in tourist receipts in conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year 2014. To achieve the target, more than 200 exciting events and festivals have been planned for the entire year to attract more tourists. But here are nine Malaysia facts that few locals, let alone tourists, ... Read More »

Emily of Emerald Hill: Iconic Play Returns to Malaysia

Pearlly Chua playing the title role

Pearlly Chua will be playing the title role in Emily of Emerald Hill for the 200th time since she first started playing this role in 1990. This is an iconic play that shows the strong cultural connection between Singapore and Malaysia through peranakan culture. Its success is unparalleled. It has created Malaysian and Singaporean theatre history by being the most ... Read More »

Malaysia celebrates Songkran and New Year

Myanmar woman in Malaysia

Up in the northern part of the Malaysian peninsula is a group of Malaysians called the Siamese. They are people who have relatives across the border in Thailand and who are citizens of that country. When the writer visited a few villages there about 20 years ago, she was told very clearly of the distinction: a Siamese in Malaysia is ... Read More »

Malaysia’s Healthcare Tourism: The Path is Paved with Gold

KL Sentral

For almost 15 years, Malaysia has steadily worked towards building a strong healthcare tourism sector. Millions of foreigners have come into the country for a bit of sun, sand and surgery. Foreign expertise and investments have been pumped into private hospitals to meet the growing global demand of medical tourists.It has paid off. In the last 10 years, Malaysia’s revenue ... Read More »

Time to Get Down to Business in Mindanao, Philippines

Malaysia Maybank

A researcher once told this writer that it was easier for a Malaysian, regardless of religion, to be accepted by the people of Mindanao than a fellow Filipino from the northern part of the Philippines. The deep distrust the Muslim-majority Mindanao has for the Christian northerners will always be there. This will be just about the biggest challenge as Manila ... Read More »

Malaysian Government May Just Delist MAS

MAS now needs to decide its fate

When a company has been making huge losses for a major part of the last 20 years and has a slim chance of a profit in the near future, the most logical thing to do would be to shut it down. When the same company has gone through one of the deadliest tragedies ever, you would definitely want to sell ... Read More »

Has Anwar Ibrahim Used Up All His Nine Lives?

Anwar Ibrahim speaking at a rally in Kuala Terengganu January 2009

Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail knows the drill. Her husband gets convicted, she steps in and holds the fort until he is released. She did this in 1998 and she is doing it again now. Her husband Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was then sacked as deputy prime minister and finance minister, and then charged with sodomy and corruption. ... Read More »